Looking to get out there and celebrate Arizona’s Centennial? View the calendar of events to see all of the once-in-a-lifetime cultural, historical, and just plain fun celebrations.

There are two exciting categories of events we have in the works – Signature Events and Official Centennial Events:

Signature Events

The Arizona Centennial Commission, through its Foundation, created, managed and implemented several large-scale Signature Events that were held across the state. Our Signature Events ranged from premier galas to motorcycle tours led by our unique mascot – the AZ Copper Chopper, outdoor festivals, to a birthday brunch. Visit our Signature Events page to learn more about the Arizona Centennial Commission’s endeavors.

Official Centennial Events

Official Centennial Events are grassroots efforts organized by communities and entities across the state and then sanctioned by the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation. Official Centennial Events focus on education and community building and range from culinary celebrations to down-home rodeos.