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Arizona Experience Website

Explore our history, our people, our land and the future of innovation in Arizona.

USPS Arizona Statehood Stamp

You can purchase your Arizona Statehood Stamp today and its a ‘Forever’ stamp!

Centennial Way

Washington Street has been transformed into a beautiful and unofficial gateway to our State Capitol. Come and see all the improvements today!

Centennial Tree Project

Canopy for the Next Century provides schools and their students the opportunity to plant trees, at their schools, in honor of our Centennial.

“AmAZing is used under license from the Arizona Small Business Association.”

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ALPCA presents the

2011 BEST License Plate Award 

to Governor Jan Brewer.

Purchase yours today! It’s bold. It’s stylish.

Don’t drive the open road without it.


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Featured Event

Arizona Centennial Commission wins 2012 Tourism Champion of the Year!


Click below to see the amazing video that captured so much our our centennial experience. 

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    Get your copy of the Official Book of the Arizona Centennial today!

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    Do you have your Arizona Centennial License Plate?

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    “AmAZing is used under license from the Arizona Small Business Association.”